Assessment of Real Estate assets- Asset Management

Land & Law offers consultancy services and asset management, bringing a new vision to the world of investment. Our main aim is the continuous and controlled growth of our customers’ assets, carrying out a comprehensive service enhancement of assets and real estate guidance.
Among our services, the following should be highlighted:

  • Asset management, the study and search for the best real estate investment opportunities. Post purchase follow-up.
  • Real estate negotiation and contracting.
  • Real estate taxation with financial control of promotions.
  • Representation and negotiation with local authorities.
  • Outline plans, town planning management and new building projects.
  • Leasing, Buying and selling Real Estate Assets, as urban, industrial and rustic plots.
  • Elite athlete’s asset management.

Sports Law

In recent years, the influence of Law in Sports has continued to grow. Sports Laws, affect decisively both, entities with few resources and people working in the highly-professionalized elite sports world. Our professionals are specialized in diverse areas, such as image rights, sports contracts, claims and procedures before organisms and institutions or tax planning.
Among our services, the following are highlighted:

A.- Contract negotiations

Sports contracts and agreements have technical specialties with a strong economic impact, such as setting variable payments, claim of federative rights or image rights regime.

In order to protect the athlete’s interests, it is essential that the contracts to be signed are drafted by a specialized lawyer. Our Commercial Law Department negotiates and drafts clause by clause the contracts of our customers.

B.- Tax advice of professional athletes

The tax department of Land & Law has wide experience in private assets management, designing an optimal tax strategy.

C.- Sports Entities management advice

Entities related to Sport are subject, in many cases, to specific rules. Our Commercial Law Specialists advise those entities throughout their corporate life, offering solutions regarding processes as constitution, restructuration, dissolution, etc., and adapting them to each particular case.

Among the Sports Entities that Land & Lawoffers its services are included:

  • Sports Corporations
  • Sports Clubs
  • Foundations (…)

Our tax department also advises Sports Entities, regarding their tax obligation compliance.

D.- Sports Federations management advice

Sports Federations maintain an organizational and administrative legal system with a very distinct specialties, and its knowledge requires wide and specific experience. Land & Law professionals, advise those involved in the Federation operation, especially in all matters regarding the preparation and monitoring of the electoral processes.

E.- Claims for damages

People taking part in professional or amateur sports competitions may suffer personal damages such as bodily injuries. Many of these injuries involve the right to receive compensation.

Our team of lawyers negotiate compensations and submit claims to defend the rights of our clients, including the claims to health care.

F.- Proceedings before sports organisms

The professional life of athletes can be strongly influenced by the decisions of the sports organisms, such as the Competition and Discipline Committee, RFEF, LFP, and CSD.

In Land & Law we represent athletes in proceedings before sports organisms in defense of their rights. Our services include:

  • Register and deregister federation licenses
  • Advice on hiring foreign athletes
  • Appeals against fines or penalties imposed to athletes
  • Appeals against fines or penalties imposed to clubs
  • Procedures regarding doping

G.- Sports Arbitration and Mediation

Sports Arbitration bodies are highly relevant in resolving conflicts related to sports competition and athlete’s recruitment contracts. In all those cases, the added value offered by a high quality legal advice is more important than ever.

Our lawyers take action before entities, such as the Spanish Court of Sport Arbitration and the Arbitration Court du Sport (CAS-TAS).

H.- Advice on the organization of sports events

Land & Law provides consultancy services aimed to assure professional organization of Sports events, for both public and private entities.

The organization of these events will be made by a multidisciplinary team that will develop under business efficiency criteria, public relations task, corporate image, general administration and tax advice.

I.- Personal Data Protection Compliance

Land & Law provides the necessary services to ensure compliance of the Personal Data Protection regulations, applicable to sports clubs and sports-related companies.

International consultancy

One of the specialties of Land & Lawis advising companies in entering new countries as well as establishing internationalization strategies, representing their interests in the Latin American market, either establishing industrial or commercial agreements or locating providers.

A.- Latin American Desk

Land & Law offers consultancy services which focus on and specialize in matters of strategy and the search for international investment opportunities for companies.

Our main activity is advising companies when they enter new countries, protecting their interests on establishing strategies of internationalization. For this we carry out the following tasks:

  • Strategic and economically viable plans for the internationalization of companies, with analysis of opportunities for business investments abroad, as well as managing projects for setting up companies and branches overseas. (Soft landing.)
  • Search for local investors and partners.
  • International hiring of staff.
  • Assessment and negotiation in the buying and selling of companies.
  • Management of support and subsidies for growth and internationalization.
  • Setting up platforms and business groups, providing a Business Center and Financial Marketing with databases of potential customers, as well as taking part in International Trade Fairs.
  • Assessment of Patent Rights and Copyright for companies in the process of internationalization.

B.- Office Lobby Cuba

Land & Law, by vocation and preparation, is and will continue to be present in a large part of the Antilles. Currently we can say that we have had long experience in Cuban affairs and we are one of the few organizations to actually have specialists with both long experience and qualifications in Cuba and Europe. Therefore, we know and understand both worlds.

Now more than ever we think of Cuba as the destination for our investments. Cuba is opening up to the world and the world is opening up to Cuba.

Cuba has been, is and will be a country of opportunities, and for this reason, in Petra Consultancy we have a profound knowledge of the following aspects:

  • Analysis of the political plan.
  • Market studies (especially in industry, mining, real estate and construction).
  • Investment and needs analysis studies.
  • Strategies for the introduction and commercialization of products.
  • Setting up means of investment, mainly joint ventures, cooperatives, international contracts, etc.
  • Real estate registry searches.
  • Asset management and guidance.
  • Buying and selling real estate, etc.